Camp America has provided the very best in cultural exchange for campers and camp staff since 1969. We take pride in bringing the best of the world to your camp safely, efficiently and with the utmost care. Our ambassadors from all over the world teach a variety of skills and bring with them that something extra: the ability to enrich the worldview of your campers and camp staff.

Camp America gives you:

  • Nearly 45 years of experience in camping and the backing of AIFS, leaders in cultural exchange since 1964
  • Comprehensive program support and crisis management resources
  • The ability to bring pre-screened individuals from more than 20 countries that will help diversify and enhance your camp experience
  • A dedicated representative with intimate knowledge of your camp who works with you year-round, providing unmatched customer service

Plus, we're sticking around!

In a decade or so, your campers could be co-counselors with future Camp America staff, enriching the camp experience together for a bright future.

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